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For more than 45 years, Tompkins’ Supply Chain Consulting Services have helped clients achieve supply chain excellence and profitable growth by designing and deploying scalable, agile solutions capable of adapting to meet evolving customer and business demands.

Our supply chain consulting experts combine market intelligence and analytics with the right processes, systems and material handling equipment to plan, design and build networks and distribution centers that support each client’s unique needs.

Our customized, data-driven approach results in a true end-to-end supply chain that enables clients to deliver an amazing customer experience and ensure long-term success.

Distribution & Fulfillment Services

Distribution center (DC) and fulfillment center (FC) operations are central to every supply chain.  As customer and market demands continue to change, having the right distribution and fulfillment strategy is more important than ever to ensure your company’s success.

Implementation Services

Tompkins’ experienced team of project managers and on-site field engineers help clients successfully deploy and start up greenfield and retrofit distribution centers (DCs) and fulfillment centers (FCs).

Inventory Planning & Management

Tompkins helps companies develop an effective approach to inventory management. We analyze the impact of internal and external factors to integrate inventory with purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales to create inventory policies that make sense.

Manufacturing & Production

With much of the discussion today revolving around e-commerce and the “Amazon Effect,” supply chain professionals often overlook the role of domestic manufacturing in satisfying the consumer.

Network Optimization

An optimized network can reduce your carbon footprint, help you meet broad sustainability goals, increase the delivery quality of your products and ultimately result in added value, differentiation and a better customer experience.

Supply Chain Services

Developing an effective and implementable supply chain strategy requires expertise in the areas of industrial engineering, technology, logistics, procurement, operations management, marketing and business economics.

Supply Chain Technology Systems

The world of supply chain technology has never been more exciting, dynamic and often confusing, but you don’t have to figure it out alone. Tompkins is leading clients into a new world of technology systems integration through a synthesis of software, hardware and cloud-based systems.


With driver shortages, tight carrier capacity, changing hours-of-service regulations, route congestion, fuel price volatility and rising customer demands, companies are challenged to extract best-in-class performance from their transportation operations.

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