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Supply Chain Strategy

Developing an effective and implementable supply chain strategy requires expertise in the areas of industrial engineering, technology, logistics, procurement, operations management, marketing and business economics. Even after channeling considerable resources into the planning and execution process, many companies frequently experience dissatisfaction with the results of supply chain transformation efforts. Too often this is a result of supply chain assessment or strategies failing to meet expectations due to poor implementation.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Tompkins Solutions has been designing and implementing supply chains for over four decades—our ability to shepherd you through a complex implementation is at the heart of our heritage. Our business leaders bring a depth of service knowledge, technical ability and objectivity to help you design and implement a supply chain that aligns with your corporate objectives.

Our Proof

Don’t just take it from us. Learn how our projects deliver on our promise of high impact, high value and high confidence in the client examples below.

Canadian Frozen Foods Company
Canadian Frozen Foods Company

Canadian Frozen Foods Company

Supply Chain Assessment


Redesigning supply chain operations to accommodate growth and reduce costs


  • Actionable plan with realistic savings detailed by improvement area
  • Supply chain processes and systems focused on increased efficiency, capacity and cost savings


  • Identified critical improvement areas and provided recommendations for supply chain strategy and management, capacity, storage concepts and IT infrastructure
  • Reduced supply chain costs by $4.3M
  • Reduced annual operating costs by $5M
Footwear & Handbag Manufacturer
Footwear & Handbag Manufacturer

Footwear & Handbag Manufacturer

3PL Selection


Identifying a third-party logistics (3PL) partner capable of handling high shipping volumes in a short timeframe


  • Identify several 3PL providers with experienced staff and proven track record of handling eaches and case pack distribution of footwear along with projected growth volume
  • Seamless and rapid transition without disruption to current operations


  • Developed an RFP and performed quantitative and qualitative analysis enabling the manufacturer to determine the 3PL provider that most suited their business needs
  • Successfully transitioned all of the manufacturer’s operations to the new 3PL partner within budget and on time to make the holiday season

Services Include:

Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics Outsourcing

For some companies, there are many benefits to outsourcing their operations. Tompkins supports clients on this journey by consulting across all major steps in outsourcing, including:

  • Strategy: We help you determine whether to outsource and which components.
  • Selection: We outline your business objectives in partnering with a 3PL. We help you to define your service requirements and go-to-market with a competitive RFP and partner selection.
  • Implementation: We develop service agreements, negotiate the contract and help manage the partnership for long-term success.
  • Management: We work with companies needing to realign existing outsourcing agreements to achieve incremental cost savings and/or better service performance.

Supply Chain Assessment

Supply Chain Assessment

Tompkins’ supply chain assessment method focuses on identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within your supply chain. We help you accomplish your strategic intent, minimize cost and improve service performance while maintaining a competitive advantage. Our supply chain assessment can be applied to both strategic and tactical business areas, including:

  • Operations strategy
  • Organizational effectiveness (structure, talent acquisition/retention, skill gaps)
  • Functional processes and practices
  • Network design
  • Performance measures

When combined with our experience in global end-to-end supply chain operations, our method of diagnostic interviews, cross-functional workshops and best practices assessment will help your supply chain move up the maturity curve.

Supply Chain Strategy Development

Supply Chain Strategy Development

Frequently we find that companies do not have a well-defined operations strategy to support the overall business strategy. Tompkins uses your vision to develop an optimal operations strategy that aligns with your strategic business plan, defining topics for developing the best fulfillment model to ensure long-term success. Our supply chain operations strategy answers business questions such as:

  • Is the logistics infrastructure in the right geographies?
  • Are the inbound and outbound flow of goods optimized?
  • Is the supply chain compliant with regulatory requirements?
  • Do you have the required IT systems to support your future operations strategy?
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